Redeemed by Four Strings

by The Reinhart Brothers

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“Brilliant!” ~ Cameron Cross, Colorado State Fiddle Champion, 2001

“Not since the heyday of the Holy Modal Rounders have we heard the like of the long-awaited CD by the Reinhart Bros!” ~ Don Allen, author and poet

“Beautiful!” ~ Grandma

Wondering what the heck a "tenor" guitar is? Wonder no longer! Go to and find out! The best thing since baked beans on toast.

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released October 8, 2011

John Reinhart on fiddle, guitar, vocals, and kazoo.
Patrick Reinhart on tenor guitar, slide whistle, and vocals.

Mixing and mastering by John Reinhart.
Cover art by Patrick Reinhart.

Recorded in September and October of 2011 at Studio Foxhoven in Wheat Ridge, CO.



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The Reinhart Brothers Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Their new album recooks traditional fiddle tunes and serves them hot! Put a lawn chair in your living room, concoct a lemonade, grab your shades and get ready for a holiday like no other. With over 30 years of combined experience playing music together, John and Patrick bring you the unique sounds of Colorado fiddle and tenor guitar, with a dash of kazoo. ... more

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Track Name: Screech Owl (You Are My)
Screech Owl (You are My) or
The Talking Screech Owl Blues

The other night I went to put my son to bed
He looked up at me and said, “No!”
I have other plans instead:
There’s a world out there in need of repair
And I’ve got hands and energy to spare
You can’t lock me up in here.”
“In the morning, dear,” I said. “Goodnight.”
That’s when he decided to put up a fight
Screaming and kicking with all of his might.
This is what I sang as I turned out the light.

You are my screech owl, howling car alarm
You are my yowling, scowling alley cat
You are my growling, hungry wolf,
Oh, yes you are, you are my son

You are a screaming weasel with a toothache
An elephant on roller skates
You are my yelping turtledove
You are my love, oh, yes you are

You are a heavy metal xylophone
A warthog weeping to the moon
Janis Joplin out of tune
Oh, yes you are, my little one

You are a grumpy grizzly in the spring
A materialist who’s lost his things
A kangaroo with athlete’s foot
Oh, yes you are, you are my son

Fruit is sweet and good to eat
But too much will give you a tummy ache
There’s also veggies, grains, and cake.
So when my son wanted another banana
I sad, “Man, you cannot live by fruit alone.
You oughta have some more water, then go outside.”
He just looked at me and cried
And let loose a terrible squeal.
I sighed, put on my shoes, and went outside singing

You are a wildly screaming banshee
American Idol wannabe
A crab that’s really, really, really crabby
Oh, yes you are, my little one

You are a wailing, warbling wallaby
A mouse impaled upon a ski
A flea circus without the fleas
Oh, yes you are, you are my son

Frank Sinatra you are not
You are a lobster in the pot
A sharp stick stuck in the eye
You’re my little guy, oh, yes you are

You some like anyone on MTV
A rhino with a horn disease
An alligator who’s lost his teeth
Oh, yes you do, my little son

Some men will rob you with a six gun,
And some with a fountain pen.
Some will shout you down until they have their way.
All that noise is just noise and
Though you may say that boys will be boys
In the end, I think I’ll just mention
That screamers mostly just scream for attention.
Though government is full of screamers too
My screecher’s not elected; he’s a toddler, age two.
Some day he will grow old and use fancified speech,
But just for now, he says what he wants
With an ear deafening screech.

You could bring Jericho to its knees
Disconcert the bumblebees
Actually…you sound a lot like me
My little son

You are my screech owl, howling car alarm
You are my screech owl, howling car alarm
You are my screech owl, howling car alarm
Oh, yes you are, my little son

© John Reinhart, 2011